The Invoices screen is the main billing center of Core. Irrespective of the billing method chosen, billing information of all active projects, including their approved, un-billed time and expenses, flows to this screen. It allows you to implement billing decisions and process invoices for the clients and their projects.


The Invoices screen is an interactive invoice register where you can create as well as view all types of invoices. It allows you to manage and review existing draft, final and voided invoices. Besides the entries made for accounts receivable in General Journal and other registers, it is the location for all A/R debit transactions. Here you can perform a review of what can be invoiced and then bill it. The review process consists of a combination of generating reports for distribution and reviewing the eligible records based on a billing session. Click to watch this video on managing invoices in Core.



Core allows you to create invoices in two ways:


  • Manual Billing

  • Batch Billing

  • Split Billing


You can also have BQE Software create custom invoices for your company and add them to your Core database. Then you can select them as your default template instead of the standard ones available.


Core supports concurrent billing, that is, multiple people can do billing at the same time. When billing, the related time and expense entries are locked, as indicated by the dark gray bar on the left in the time and expense entry screens. You can edit these locked entries but not their hours, rates or taxes. This ensures that the value of billed entries is the same as that invoiced. You are able to view time and expense entries associated with invoices in the detail mode.


The invoice rows are color-coded. They display a colored bar on the left: blue indicating a posted invoice.


If you follow a submit-approve workflow in your company for billing, you must familiarize yourself with the icons used to indicate different workflow status in Core.









Note: You can get a visual overview of this feature in Core from the Accounts Receivable flowchart. Check out some of the invoice samples here.


Click here to see the field descriptions.

Basic Tasks

Create Manual Invoices


Create Batch Invoices


Edit Invoices

Advanced Tasks

Enter Historical Invoices


Process Split Invoices


Apply Retainers on Invoices


Batch Update Billing Records


Combine Invoices


Write Up or Write Down Time


Reset Write-Up/Write-Down


Exclude Time and Expense Entries


Apply Discounts


Create Percent Complete Invoices


Add Payments


Memorize Invoices


Clone Invoices


Add Memos


Change Invoice Templates


Preview Invoices


Add Documents


Add Notes


Add Custom Fields


Send Invoices


Email Invoices


Submit Invoices


Approve Invoices


Post Invoices


Change Online Payment Account


Process Late Fee


Finalize Draft Invoices


Export Invoices to LEDES


View Journal


Void Invoices


Delete Invoices


Show/Hide Columns in Grid


Export Invoices


View Collections


Apply Filters


Mark Screen as Favorite