Time Card


Time Card is the simplest and easiest way to enter your time in Core on a daily or weekly basis. It requires a minimal amount of data entry and allows you to reuse the commonly performed activities on various projects besides saving entries automatically. You can add memos and view entry details on it. You can also see the workflow status (submit-approve indicators), billed status and memo on the grid. Time Card attempts to duplicate a real time sheet with its grid-like layout and comes in two views:


  • Week

  • Day


You can set the Time Card to pre-fill the grid with the last used projects and activities to speed up the time entry process. This can be done in User Preferences. You can also view your task allocation summary on this screen to keep track of allocated hours used and remaining. Core allows you to copy the entire time card to the next week or day.


Click to watch this video on time entry in Core.


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Basic Tasks

Enter Time in Week View


Enter Time in Day View


Submit Time Card


View Reports

Advanced Tasks

Remove Blanks Rows


Show/Hide Columns in Grid


Copy Time Card


Show/Hide Entry Details


Add Memos


Apply Filters


Mark Screen as Favorite